Matt Kolojejchick

Matt Kolojejchick
Team Number:36
Birth Date:12/31/1969
Position:Running back

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Matt Kolojejchick certainly has a difficult to pronounce last name, but start warming it up and practicing at home, because you may soon be cheering his name in glee as he tears up the football field this fall!

Raised in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, Matt Kolojejchick is just one of two North Carolina Wolfpack players to come from that northeastern state. Fellow Pennsylvanian, North Carolina Wolfpack wide receiver Brendon Felder, is from Monroeville, Pennsylvania though the two players are separated by around 250 miles of highway.

Matt Kolojejchick graduated in 2009 from Valley West High School in Plymouth. Among his many accomplishments was his strong role on the Valley West High School football team where he earned lots of playing time, many starts, and the respect of his teammates.

At 5'10" and 185 pounds, Matt Kolojejchick is well musceled and lean--ready for those sprints downfield. Get ready to watch him play this fall. Purchase your North Carolina Wolfpack tickets before they're limited or--worse--gone!

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