Jordan Marsch

Jordan Marsch
Team Number:58
Birth Date:12/31/1969
Position:Offensive Line

More Info
Jordan Marsch grew up in the town of Mooresville, North Carolina. He attended Mooresville High School and began playing on the Mooresville High School football team.

At 6'2" and 280 pounds, Jordan Marsch is a hefty player who is strong and solid on the field. He is also known as a coachable athlete who responds well to direction and works hard training in the off season.

In 2010, Jordan Marsch was a sophomore member of the offensive line looking for some quality playing time off of the scout squad. The North Carolina Tarheels have several other offensive line players also looking for playing time, like Greg Elleby and James Hurst and Brennan Williams so it will be interesting to see what the head coach decided to do with this raw talent.

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