John Blake

John Blake
Team Number:0
Birth Date:03/06/1961
Position:Associate Head Coach, Defensive Line

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John Blake resigned after investigators took interest in a potentially inappropriate relationship with NFL agent Gary Wichard.

John Blake was born March 6, 1961 in Rockford, Illinois. Coach John Blake is currently the defensive line coach on the North Carolina Tar Heels. Coach Blake has had a long career in football coaching that has included experience with the Dallas Cowboys, the Oklahoma Sooners, Mississippi State and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The North Carolina Tar Heels added John Blake to the Tar Heels Coaching Staff in 2007 as the defensive line coach. John Blake has held Defensive Line positions since 1989. His wealth of experience and knowledge about the defensive line as well as a strong chemistry with North Carolina Tar Heels Head Coach Butch Davis has made John Blake an excellent addition to the North Carolina Tar Heels NCAA Division-I football program. Since his addition to the team, John Blake has named associate head coach and recruiting coordinator as well.

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