DJ Bunn

DJ Bunn
Team Number:36
Birth Date:01/21/1991

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If you've followed North Carolina Tarheels football long enough, then DJ Bunn's last name is familiar to you. Back in the early 1980s, Danny, DJ's father, played fullback for the team. Now DJ Bunn follows in his father's college football playing footsteps, adding another generation of Bunns to North Carolina Tarheels roster.

DJ Bunn grew up in Smithfield, North Carolina. He played ball for Smithfield-Selma High School in a variety of positions: wingback, safety and cornerback. As a senior, he ended with a diverse array of stats. He had 508 yards, nine touchdowns, 81 carries, 165 receiving yards, three touchdowns, 78 tackles, nine pass breakups and an interception. This earned him a ranking of one of the top 30 football players in North Carolina.

After graduating from high school, DJ Bunn chose to enroll at Hargrave Military Academy where he played football for a time. But the season and the school did not fit well with DJ Bunn so in January for that year, he transferred to his father's alma mater and we are proud to call him a North Carolina Tarheel today!

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