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The Kenan Stadium student section, otherwise known as the "Tar Pit," is normally filled with students decked out in black and blue t-shirts in honor of their beloved Tar Heels football team. The entire Kenan Stadium used to be known as the "Tar Pit" in the 1990's until many realized the sea of black t-shirts seemed to literally take on the name. It wasn't a great idea to have everyone wearing black on a 95 degree day in August, so the Carolina Fever student association has been working on making blue the new black over the past couple of years.

North Carolina is very proud of their Tar Heels football team, and set off fireworks from atop Kenan Field when the team takes the field, after they've scored and when they win a game. This show of pride only sets the Kenan Field student section into a larger roar of excitement.

A Tar Heels football game at the Kenan Field is a frequent sell out and it can be very difficult to find tickets if you wait to long. We have your Kenan Field tickets right here, with no student ID required. Purchase your Kenan Field tickets today to get in on the action of a North Carolina Tar Heels football game!


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